What in the World is a Tribe?

I know you’re probably thinking about Native Americans about now, right? I did, too!

I recently began this blog and one of the things I thought about was how to attract readers, build an audience. Writing on the web doesn’t necessarily mean anyone is listening. There’s no TV Guide that potential viewers can turn to and say, “Hey, turn that on!” I’ve been doing a bit of reading since starting this blog and searches on just about everything to do with starting a blog.

You see, although I’ve been writing for personal pleasure on my own blogs for years, I made a huge blunder when I attempted to start this one and the backlash was tremendous. So, I went into maintenance mode which put me essentially in “stand by” for a bit. This gave me some time and an opportunity to research and brainstorm. Also, I wanted to put some distance between what I had done wrong before beginning again. So, my ruminations began with:

Where did I want to go?
What is my “niche”?
How can I make my voice different?

In my search for ‘how to build an audience’ the word tribes came up. Tribes are sort of like groups and they promote blog posts and blogs in generals on their sites and through sites like Pinterest.

I found two very interesting sites that I’ve joined for Tribes:

1. Tailwind – On sign up you’re in a trial membership that allows 100 Pinterest pins and 30 Instagram posts before you must decide to upgrade to a Plus plan. Tailwind has implemented an analytics type dashboard. Which allows you to see how your posts are performing and being shares. Once in, start searching for tribes to join.

2. Triberr – Triberr signs you up to a free account. This enables you to follow different groups that you can also request to join as a member. A member can share their posts to all in the Tribe. It’s quite different from Tailwind and I am still exploring to see how it all works. It doesn’t seem to have the analytics part and that is a downside. Stay tuned

I have been reaching out to some networks to get some additional feedback so this post may be updated soon. In the meantime, enjoy and happy tribing.