I’ve created this resource page to help others who may be looking for the same things I have. I’ll be honest here, when I first began blogging – eons ago- it was just for fun. I had never even heard of affiliate marketing, social marketing, and making money from a blog was a far thought. Later when these thing did come to my knowledge I did try implementing them and had gotten nowhere. Something was missing, only now do I understand why the equation wasn’t working.
These days there are a plethora of resources out there. From Social networks and information from other bloggers – the sky’s the limit!
Below I have listed resources that either I have personal experience with or I personally know someone who has. I hope you find it helpful.

Note: There are some affiliate links below. While clicking on them costs you not a penny, I make a percentage of any sale. For more information, you can check out my full Disclosure here.

Blogging Platforms:
Wordpress Self-hosted:
Personally, I would go straight to Wordpress self-hosted platform. Most registrars have this built right in.

Wordpress:It is a great platform for a new blogger not using their own domain. There are some limitations in plugins and other features, but aside from this their SEO is great for a blogger to build an audience.

Joomla is for self-hosted blogs and websites. I have used it on websites and blogs in the past, but unless you have strong coding skills I wouldn’t recommend it.

I find it quite limiting as theme support and plugin are nearly absent. You can find third-party themes by searching, but implementation requires knowledge of coding. However, their SEO is great if you are a new blogger and it is great for building an audience.
Images: These are online resources and universally available.Canva:
Haute Chocolate:
Wordpress Themes:If you are a Fempreneur like me, I would check out:
A Prettier Web Mel does a great job with her themes. She also has a few freebies and blog posts of recommendations.

Angie Makes - Chris & Angie began in 2010 with the aim of making feminine themes. I think they've done a great job. If you like my themes head of there now.

AThemes Athemes began in 2013 making free themes for When users began asking for more and more features they began adding in premium themes. This seems to have worked well for them. They have a great mix of free and premium themes and a great team to support their clients, too.

Email Tools:Mailchimp:
Free Plan: Up to 1,000 subscribers. Access to limited features. Once your list passes 2000, the fees increase incrementally and for this reason many bloggers are moving away from Mailchimp.

Free Plan: Up to 1000 subscribers. Access to all features and landing pages. Presently they have no recaptcha capability. Their support team tells me they are working on this. Until this is available, a word of caution, bloggers and myself have experienced spambot signups due to this lack of security.

Up to 2,500 subscribers. While trying out their service I found a huge gap in their plugin where I was recreating forms that I had already done on the website. So, no sync of webforms were present. Leading me to search for work arounds. It was a bit frustrating.

There are others out there, but these are the ones I checked out.
Social Tools:There are many out there, but the key ones to focus on for a blogger are:
Facebook: Facebook helps if you have a page or group that gains a following. Posting your current posts can bring visitors to your site. It's also a great place for networking with other bloggers through groups.
Twitter: On Twitter (like Facebook) you need to have a following otherwise your are tweeting to air. Hashtags are key and linking with your Facebook page can help a lot.

I'm still learning on Instagram and Pinterest so I won't write much here.
Instagram: Your business instagram isn't about sharing your cute photo at the beach or how nice dinner looked. It's about bringing visitors to your site. So, you post pictures with links to your site.
Pinterest: Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine. Once you understand this key concept you get why posting your blog posts is so crucial.

It is important to understand that the purpose of all of them is driving traffic to your blog.
Registrars & Hosting: Go Daddy:
I have personally used GoDaddy for registration and wordpress hosting. Pretty simple overall.
FatCow: Recommended by someone I know who runs her own blog.
iPage: My sister used this site for her site and liked it.
I would give major props to Eicra. Their customer service is the best.
Dhaka Webhost:
Does an adequate job, but service requests on the weekend are generally a no go.
WeHost Dhaka:
I believe this site is actually administrated from the U.S. Overall service is good.