Do you want to start your own blog? Are you confused how to begin? Have you started a blog and are now thinking – “now what”? Do you want to turn your blog into a profitable business? That’s great! I think I can help.

The Bold Blog began in mid-2017 to assist others who may be seeking to start or have started their own blog and need help. Here I offer timely advice and walkthroughs on starting a blog, key components, affiliate programs and more. Key an eye on the blog posts and resources page as they will change frequently.

Who am I?

My name is Lori and I have been writing on my own personal blogs for years, though not as a business. In Dhaka, Bangladesh where I live I am a school principal. I also work with my daughter designing and organizing events through our company, Oomph Bangladesh. So, why start blogging as a business and why now?

I don’t expect that I can do what I am currently doing forever and I don’t expect that I will stay in Bangladesh forever. In Asia, there is a great deal of age discrimination. I am working to find ways to continue to earn no matter my circumstance. That is the goal.


When I began to consider a blog name, I first considered what other bloggers in this niche were using. I veered away from a complete copycat name and I had a few hiccups in starting this blog, but finally, I decided to go Bold.  Literally, this is how The Bold Blog was born. Blogging is a journey. You start in one place and you evolve or journey. It’s ever changing and growing and that is a good thing. You’ll never be board. One of my personal blogs is called amarjatra.wordpress.com and another is bangladesh2021.wordpress.com. Journalists have stolen content (here in Bangladesh) and published it as an article under their names from some of my posts. At the time, I was flattered. I have to admit I haven’t written on those in a while, but they’re still out there. I’m very excited to offer help and get to know all of my readers. While this is still a brand new blog, I have a lot of knowledge. Feel free to reach out and ask questions or for help when you need it.