Lori @ The Bold Blog

Lori @ The Bold Blog

It was only in 2005 that Lori and her family made a decision to move abroad. It was not an easy decision by any account, but all-in-all it was a good decision for them and the only way they could see to move forward.  Lori’s son was 7 at the time and her daughter 15. Her daughter had already lived abroad with her grandmother for a year and she was the one who suggested the move. They felt their son would adjust without any problem due to his age and fortunately, he has.

Like any family, they have had our share of problems. The most challenging and daunting being the substance abuse, rehab and recovery of their daughter following the breakup of her first marriage and losing custody of her son. They are hopeful that they have moved out of the difficult areas and are looking forward, toward the light. Their children have both graduated from their teens, are heading into to adulthood, so why would a mother of two, mostly adult, children decide to begin a blog as a business? This is an honest question.  Some of this has been touched on in one of her posts not too long ago.

When Lori lived in New York, she was working as a computer support engineer for a few Fortune 500 companies including, Siemens, Morgan Stanley and MCI. Information Technology is just a part of her programming and anything to do with computers or the internet and she is there.  She has kept personal blogs for years. She wrote about her daughter’s battles with substance abuse on ‘unemptynest’, before that she wrote blog entries on her personal sites and has kept several wordpress.com blogs on and off as well. So, what she is saying is she is no stranger to the world of blogging, she just never did it as a business.


The idea of The Bold Blog came to Lori after watching someone else do this successfully along with other things for quite some time. Although she works here in Dhaka, Bangladesh as a school principal, that may not always be the case. So, it occurred to Lori that if she could build this business she could be free to work at home no matter where. Lori admits that until now it hasn’t been easy and, honestly, nothing worth doing ever is. There were no expectations of it taking off over night either. So, here she continues plugging at it and hoping for the best.

After over 10 years abroad their family has had some amazing experiences and some harrowing ones, too. This past year she and her daughter started an events management firm called Oomph Bangladesh to help build our country and help it recover from the horrendous terror attack that occurred on July 1st, 2016 at the Holey Artisan Bakery. Holey Artisan was only a block from where Lori and her family live in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh and her family sat listening and watching the operation first hand from their windows and balcony. It was a stress-filled night for all.

DIPLO, OOMPH Bangladesh and Bedheadz

DIPLO with Bedheadz
DIPLO with Bedheadz (Kadin Imdad and Zayan Khan)

This year Oomph Bangladesh was successful in bringing the 2 time Grammy winner, DIPLO to Dhaka. It was an amazing experience and night. They hope to bring other notable artists here soon.

Lori’s son and his group Bedheadz we one of the local groups that performed at DIPLO in Dhaka. He and his group members worked endlessly to prepare for their first performance alongside one of their heroes. They are a great group of kids and she invites you to view the video to their song “And You Know” on youtube. It was featured here in Bangladesh on a local music channel called Gaan Bangla. You can also find the song on iTunes and Spotify along with other music streaming services.

Oomph Bangladesh is a great endeavor and while I hope we are able to continue to work, I realize there are many event organizers out there in Dhaka all trying to do the same thing. So, how long will it last and how long will my daughter want to do it are all questions in my mind.

It is a fervent hope that you, our reader, will send us your good wishes and comment below. All comments, questions, and advice are accepted without prejudice. Thank you for reading, please join the newsletter, The Bold Report. Thank you.


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