The Destination: Commutable Income

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Learning to Blog

As you age how do you continue to make money? How do stabilize your income if you relocate to a new country? These are two of the question piquing my mind recently and one of the reasons I began this journey in blogging. Some people might ask why get into a blog business or think I don’t know anything about anything. It’s true, I don’t know much. I don’t claim to be an expert here, because I am not.  So, if you’ve wandered onto my blog thinking to find all the answers, you truly won’t. It’s a bit of the blind leading the blind at the moment. Although at some point I am hoping to get it all straight.

Aging Abroad

I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh, although I was born in Waterbury, Connecticut as were my parents and grandparents. Before coming here, I lived in New York and before that California where I met my husband who was born in Bangladesh. Our 2 children are now semi-adults, so why now is a good question. I am envisioning that I may not always live in Dhaka. One option is a return to the U.S. and another could be Thailand. Nothing is set in stone, but I am wondering about income. Starting over as you get older is concerning. In Asia there is a great deal of age discrimination. Nothing can be done about it, honestly. Job postings often come with age restrictions. So with all of this in mind, I was wondering what my future income possibilities might be.

A Blog as a Business and Creating Passive Income?

When I learned of blogs as a business, I began reading how to creat income – search for passive income blogs and the results are tremendous, so I thought it might be a great option to monetize my blog to earn a passive income – if I can get it to that point. An income that continues no matter where I am geographically (so long as my mind can continue to function, that is). I am not seeking a get rich quick scheme here and it is a learning process for me.

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As I continue to read and learn, I am finding there are many avenues for income generation. One thing common is you must develop a product or products (passive income streams). Some bloggers create online courses and ebooks and others start Podcasts. The other thing in common is the use of social networks for promotion and tribes. I haven’t really decided which way to go toward developing any product as yet. Suggestions from the public blogosphere are welcomed. Please comment below with your personal experiences.

If you are just beginning and have never blogged before I suggest starting at WordPress. It is great for beginners. A great site for themes is Athemes. They have a great mix of free and premium themes and many are already listed in the WordPress repository.

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