The BoldCast Podcast

The BoldCast Podcast

The BoldCast Podcast This will be a short post, today Today, The Bold Blog is announcing it’s entry into podcasting with The BoldCast Podcast. The first one is short as it’s only an announcement. We hope to invite well-known Bloggers, Podcasters, and YouTubers to our podcast in addition to just trying to help you guys bu infusing […]

7 Awesome Facts New Bloggers Should Know

7 Awesome Facts New Bloggers Should Know

7 Awesome Facts New Bloggers Should Know New bloggers this is for you! I know you’re thinking that you want to blog, but there is a lot to consider and a lot holding you back. Funny thing is anyone can be a blogger! Anyone Can Be A Blogger There I said it and yes, it’s […]

Blogging Websites

Blogging Websites Obsolete?

Blogging Websites This post is about Blogging Websites and explores whether they are becoming obsolete. First of all, with all the Multi-Media options out there, it is a big question mark whether blogging websites are becoming a thing of the past. While it is true that we are fast becoming a mobile society through cell […]

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The Destination: Commutable Income

Notice: This post may contain affiliate links. To learn more, please read my full Disclosure. Learning to Blog As you age how do you continue to make money? How do stabilize your income if you relocate to a new country? These are two of the question piquing my mind recently and one of the reasons […]

Pinferiffic Pinferall

Today, I am writing a bit about Pinterest. Could you tell by the title? Well, Pinterest is an interesting site. I admit I haven’t always understood it, but I am learning. When Pinterest launched like most people I joined up. It was the new thing. It was fun looking at the pictures and I admit […]